Spotify Goes Analog

“Spotify is an authority in music discovery, personalization, and breaking up-and-coming artists, but we still have work to do when it comes to being a cultural authority in music.”  -Spotify

How do we get there? Well, we can immerse the listener in products that reference classic staples which have cemented themselves in music culture for decades.

The Up and Up Cover.png

The Up and Up Mag

Distributed quarterly, this magazine references the methods of other printed music commentaries like The Rolling Stones, Dazed, ID, Complex, etc. It will focus not only on interviewing the artists who make the Global Viral 50 Chart, but will also highlight the cultural relevance of each of the tracks that made the list.

Spotify Mixtape Example Mockup.png

Global Viral 50 Mixtape

Everybody used to make little mixtapes back in the day with Windows Media Player. We had them for parties, for dates, and for sharing with friends. It was how we let others know what songs we were addicted to at the moment. Spotify's quarterly mixtape, compiled from the top recurring songs from the Global Viral 50 Chart each season, will take music lovers back into a age where music = fun + sharing.


#UpandUp Flash Party

To bring it all together and highlight just how fleeting a song's relavance and time on the Global Viral 50 Chart can be, Spotify will host a series of Flash Parties around the world in major cities. These parties will be announced to the public only with hours of the event, and only via Spotify's and special guests' social media pages. Virility of the invite will be the only PR for these events, which will use the current Global Viral 50 Chart at the DJ setlist, with some surprise live performances too.